The project has been built with 4 different modules :

  • A central Micro-controler Arduino
  • Some sensors connected to the central micro-controler (directly or by i2c protocol)
  • Energy management module (battery and solar panel)
  • A GPRS modem for Internet connexion


Story of this project…

Previmeteo company is specialized in numerical weather forecast since 2002. We compute weather models with grid sizes down to around 2 km.

Those 2 km seems to be a problem against accurracy of local weather forecats. We decided to mix observation data and local numerical weather forecast for a better service.

We have searched networked weather sensors in existing solutions but didin’t find something usefull and not expensive. That’s why we launched this project.

Key values are for this weather station :

  • Energy self sufficient
  • Wireless
  • Not expensive
  • Good accurracy

For easier development, we have decided to publish our project in opensource. This means better development, less cost, more usefull solution and longest timelife of the project.