Collaborate to the open source environmental sensors project

Connect your data to the Internet.

Connected sensors


Each system includes a GPRS modem to send data to Internet.

Energy sefl sufficiency


With a precise management of electrical consumption and with a solar panel, the system can be deployed everywhere without any electrical supply.

Opensource Hardware & Software


For a rapid development and for sustainability, electronic drawings, parts lists and microcontroler code are available with GPL licence.

Evolutive platform


The concept has been created to connect many types of sensors, from meteorological ones to air quality ou ground sensors.

Sensors geolocation


For precise sensors geolocation and for theft protection, the system includes a GPS module.

Reduce cost


Because you can produce your own system and with the help of the development community, the total cost of ownership is dramaticaly reduced.
We can also design your own system following your needs.

Who is Previmeteo ?

Previmeteo has been launched in october 2002 as a weather service for professionnals. We have started to develop weather solutions based on high resolution weather modeling and we have developed a good knowledge in weather data managment. To improve weather accuracy, the local weather data acquisition became our main focus.

Because existing solution did not cover our needs, the OSES project is born.

Monitor and share weather data

With our knowledge in weather data managment from acquisition, transfert to storage, and display, we offer complete weather data solutions including custom made decision support tools.