Use cases of this opensource environmental project

Industrial bakery.

A industrial bakery wanted to monitor the working conditions of its employees on the production lines and storage areas of semi-finished products. Through several air temperature sensors and humidity divided into workshops, the data is collated every 5 minutes, stored on Previmeteo servers then published on a private web interface.
A download option also allows to download the values ​​on date ranges of your choice for re-use in eg Excel.

Autonomous Weather Station.

With a rain gauge, an anemometer and temperature, pressure and humidity sensors, the modular concept of OSES project has generated an autonomous weather station.
The code and shematics are available on GitHub.

With DAVIS sensors, the electronic "datalogger" has been developped by Previmeteo and made the station autonomous in energy and communication. The weather monitoring is done each 5 minutes by GPRS network.

Connected to Previmeteo datacenter, the weather station update realtime weather data each 5 minutes. All the data are stored in Previmeto datacenter and are used to increase weather forecast modeling accuracy to be able to forecast the weather in the field of a farmer for example.